Privacy Policy

Latest update: 2018-05-22 - Download PDF version.

Types of information we process and how we collect it

You are not obligated to provide any data to us - however, we cannot guarantee that you may be involved in our development or/and try a prototype if we do not have access to certain personal information. We treat the following personal information:

Contact Information: Contact information is collected in order to contact you with questions or information regarding our product, process and / or our development. It concerns your name, phone number and / or email address as well as demographic information and other information that you provide us with. It also concerns information, that you provide to us, in the form of stories about your experiences from your everyday life and / or the opinions you express about our product and company.

Your data can be collected in the following manner. Your data can be saved when you:

  • Contact us via email, social media or phone.
  • During physical meetings. As an example; during visits or when you participate in interviews or meetings.

Your information will be used internally, and nothing will be public without your knowledge.

What do we use your data for?

We will only process your information if necessary. You can find information, related to the reasons why we gather and process your data, below:

Develop and improve product(s) and business

We process your data with the aim of improving our existing and future solutions, business model and business. (Legal basis: legitimate interest)

Contact you after agreement

In cases where we have agreed to send out updates and information about our current developments, future meetings and updates about the product, we need to be able to identify and contact you. This also applies if we are contacting you to answer questions or comments. (Legal basis: Completion of agreements)

Sensitive information

We request that you do not leave out any sensitive information to us digitally.

For how long will we save your data?

Your information is saved for the purposes stated in this policy and maximum six (6) months after the purpose is no longer applicable, unless otherwise agreed.

How do we store personal data?

We store your information on our internal cloud service, on internal hard drives and on our mail server. You can contact us for further details about how your specific data is stored.

Right to limit your data

You are entitled to limit the information we process. Contact us if you want to change or limit what information we are processing.

Your rights

You are entitled to access your information, know more about how we handle your information, update your information, withdraw your consent, and have your data deleted. If you wish to do any of this, contact Tendo AB at and write "Personal Information" in the subject field. If you do not have e-mail access, you can reach us by phone (+46-733310414) or through social media messaging (tendoforpeople).


Updates may happen. The latest update is shown on the date of the document.

Question or complaint

If you feel that we do not process your information correctly or have questions about our policy, please feel free to contact us directly.


Consent may be given in writing, orally, electronically or through a certain act as stated in the material in question.